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simmone howell

second book syndrome

Seriously it is like the big elephant in the room ... or the big elephant not in the bookstore. Even my mum didn't buy as many copies as she did of Book One. Meanwhile I have been waiting patiently for the barrage of beautiful press but I'm starting to look around now. I'm starting to twitch. My publicist reckons YA literature is giving 'the media' a soft-on. It's just not sexy. Richard Flanagan is sexy! Baz Luhrmann is sexy! But six months ago YA was sexy -  Golden, even. And now ... It's like there is too much of it or it's become too much of itself. YA is too much with us!

The answer, I think, is to write something as if no one's going to read it. Book Three - you've got your work cut out for you. Book Two, I'm sorry. It's not that you're terrible it's just that you're second. You are my Jan Brady. 

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